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How to Play This DeckSjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

This is the Sjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck he was playing on stream and it was working out very well for him. I know he’s a pro, but this is a solid deck and if you have all the cards you should have a positive win ratio.

Mulligan for cheap removal early on and use in combination with your hero power to remove your opponents minions. The whole point to the miracle Rogue deck is to get Gadgetzan Auctioneer down and start cycling through your deck.

You are looking to drop a big Edwin Vancleef and a minion with Cold Blood and Conceal them at the end of the turn. No many classes can deal with Concealed minions. You will have free reign to hit face a second time the next turn and usually finish the game.

Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood it also a combination that’s easy to set up when you’re cycling through your cards. Card draw is a powerful mechanic, and a win-condition on its own. Give the deck a go and see how you get on.

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