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How to Play This DeckSjow Tempo Warrior Hearthstone Deck

When it comes to playing Warrior, SjoW is one of the best Pros at building decks and playing with this class. This is the Sjow Tempo Warrior Hearthstone Deck he has been using on stream this month and after playing a few games I can confirm it’s incredibly powerful.

My previous list wasn’t using an Arathi Weaponsmith but this can actually makes a big difference to the deck. It adds a little more tempo to the mid game. Tempo warrior usually has a turn or two in the mid game that are slow where you’re looking for card draw. The Arathi Weaponsmith gives you the ability to remove a minion and drop a 3/3 body while still drawing some cards if you have a Battle Rage set up.

Try and mulligan for that Fiery War Axe and curve out with minions. The late game is incredibly strong with Ragnaros the Firelord, and Varian Wrynn.

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