Small-Time Buccaneer Nerf Card Balance Change

Small-Time Buccaneer Hearthstone Art

Small-Time Buccaneer has been marked for a nerf for a while. It’s played in way too many decks, it’s too strong for a 1-drop, it pulls patches, and is by far the best 1-drop for weapon classes.

So the upcoming nerf in patch 7.1 due around the end of Feb – Small-Time Buccaneer’s health is going to be reduced from 2 > 1.

I’m not sure this is enough of a hit that most people were hoping for. The damage from the card, the mana cost, the pirate synergy, and weapon synergy hasn’t changed.

We will have to see how it works out after the patch drops. Combined with the Spirit Claws nerf the Shaman class has taken a small hit, but long overdue.

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