Stancifka Jade Druid w Yogg and Mulch Deck

Yogg-Saron Hearthstone Art

Stancifka Jade Druid w Yogg and Mulch DeckWith all the new cards released in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion and the nerf just before, I feel like Yogg is a little too forgotten.

It’s still a crazy card that can win you any game from any position (or lose you any game haha).

Seeing Stancifka play this list at high legend is a reminder that Yogg still has a place in the META. I’ve been playing a lot of Tempo Mage with Yogg and it feels like Yogg has been buffed to be honest.

Look at it this way – there are now a load of new spells for Yogg to randomly cast, more good ones than new board clears – so that’s a buff.

Let the fun begin, Jade Golem Druid lacks a little consistancy,ย and it’s really difficult to pull from behind. Let the Yogg roll decide if you deserve a second chance at winning. ๐Ÿ™‚

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