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Steward of Darkness Murloc Paladin DeckMurlocs are Back!

I have always liked murloc decks, from the early warlock murloc builds, to The Grand Tournament Paladin murloc builds, and of course the Anyfin can Happen Paladin deck.

I’ve been playing around with new murloc builds with the new cards, and this Steward of Darkness Murloc Paladin Deck has been working really well.

With Whispers of the Old Gods we now have some new murloc cards, and they work really well in an aggressive Paladin build. This deck combines murlocs with the new divine shield synergy from the Selfless Hero and Steward of Darkness cards.

It tops out at two 4 mana minions, and two 4 mana spells. It’s an aggressive deck that plays out like zoo. You can make some favourable trades with divine shields, and use weapons and juggler knives to get some extra damage in.

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