StrifeCro C’Thun Warrior Video Guide

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In this StrifeCro C’Thun Warrior Video Guide StrifeCro takes you through how to play this deck while climbing the NA ladder. C’Thun decks have an obvious win condition in C’Thun, and Warrior had a lot of weapons to make favourable trades, as well as good removal spells so setting up a big C’Thun isn’t as hard you may think.

StrifeCro C’Thun Warrior Video Guide

StrifeCro C’Thun Warrior Deck List

2 x Execute
2 x Shield Slam
2 x Firey War Axe
2 x Slam
2 x Armorsmith
2 x Bash
1 x Shield Block
2 x Disciple of C’Thun
2 x Raving Ghoul
1 x C’Thun’s Chosen
1 x Elise Starseeker
2 x Brawl
1 x Harrison Jones
1 x Justicar Trueheart
2 x Skeram Cultist
1 x Gorehowl
2 x Ancient Shieldbearer
1 x Twin Emperor Vek’lor
1 x Grommash Hellscream
1 x C’thun

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