Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16

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Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16This is the Superjj High Legend Malygos Rogue Deck Oct 16 he was playing on stream at high legend ranks. There are a few Malygos Rogue lists going around at the moment and it’s a really decent tier-2 deck that can win vs any class with a little luck and RNG on your side.

The game plan is a simple one.

  • Use removal to keep the board clear
  • Drop Emperor Thaurissan on a huge hand with combo pieces in.
  • Cycle your deck with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to pull your combo damage and Malygos into your hand.
  • Drop Malygos and some spells with + spell damage and let the fireworks begin!

Spell Damage of Rogue Cards with Malygos on Board

Backstab – 7 damage

Sinister Strike – 8 damage

Eviscerate – 7/9 damage

Shiv – 6 damage

Fan of Knives – 6 damage

*Shadow Strike – 10 damage

*Remember that Shadow Strike can hit face if your opponent is at full health.

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