Thijs Sherazin Un’Goro Rogue Deck

Thijs Sherazin Un'Goro Rogue DeckThis is the Thijs Sherazin Un’Goro Rogue Deck he was playing on ladder into top 10 legend.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower is the definition of value. Once you play it, you can keep bringing it back to life by playing 4 cards a turn, which isn’t hard at all in a miracle build.

Play for tempo, you have plenty of burst damage combo’s so be aggressive when you’re aware of what you can cycle through your deck.

Thijs Un’Goro Tempo Elemental Mage ft Pyros

Thijs Un'Goro Tempo Elemental Mage ft PyrosPffttt who needs Flamewaker for Tempo Mage. This deck Thijs was playing on ladder pushes tempo hard, and without relying on a load of RNG missiles.

Turns out that Pyrso is pretty solid and the Elemental synergy is one of the strongest tribes in the current META.

Megafin Shaman Un’Goro Deck by Thijs ft Unite the Murlocs

Megafin Shaman Un'Goro Deck by Thijs ft Unite the MurlocsThis Megafin Shaman Un’Goro Deck by Thijs ft Unite the Murlocs is pretty insane.

The new murloc synergies are strong for token/ aggro decks.

Golakka Crawler is in there as there is still a load of dirty pirate warriors on ladder, swap for a weapon if you’re not getting value.

Un’Goro Druid Token Murloc Deck by Thijs

Un'Goro Druid Token Murloc Deck by ThijsEarly build of a beast/murloc Druid that performed really well at high legend for Thijs.

Finja got a buff with the new expansion, loads of new murlocs. The Bittertide Hydra is a really strong card too that’s going to see a lot of play.