Hearthstone Arena Changes and Cards Being Removed!

There is an interesting announcement on Battlenet today. With the next patch there are going to be some balance changes made to arena. This is what the hardcore arena players have been asking for, whether the balance changes are what they were expecting is to be seen however.

The fix is fairly direct and simple. Cards that are deemed to be too powerful, or affecting the balance in the card choosing phase, and gameplay are being removed.

Here are the cards being removed from arena in the next patch, and will no longer be available to choose.

Mage Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Forgotten Torch
  • Snowchugger
  • Faceless Summoner

Rogue Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Goblin Auto Barber
  • Undercity Valiant

Paladin Arena Cards Being Removed


Shaman Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Vitality Totem
  • Dust Devil
  • Totemic Might
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Dunemaul Shaman
  • Windspeaker

Warlock Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Anima Golem
  • Sacrificial Pact
  • Curse of Rafaam
  • Sense Demons
  • Void Crusher
  • Reliquary Seeker
  • Succubus

Druid Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Savagery
  • Poison Seeds
  • Soul of the Forest
  • Mark of Nature
  • Tree of Life
  • Astral Communion

Warrior Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Warsong Commander
  • Bolster
  • Charge
  • Bouncing Blade
  • Axe Flinger
  • Rampage
  • Ogre Warmaul

Hunter Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Starving Buzzard
  • Call Pet
  • Timber Wolf
  • Cobra Shot
  • Lock and Load
  • Dart Trap
  • Snipe

Priest Arena Cards Being Removed

  • Mind Blast
  • Shadowbomber
  • Lightwell
  • Power Word: Glory
  • Confuse
  • Convert
  • Inner Fire

Some strange cards in there if you ask me, would love to hear what you guys and gals think.

I haven’t played much arena since Whispers of the Old Gods really, been way too busy in constructed. It’s good to see Blizzard taking action and making some changes, hope they are for the best.