N’Zoth Priest Deck June 2016

How to Play This DeckN'Zoth Priest Deck June 2016

This is the best N’Zoth Priest Deck June 2016. N’Zoth Priest decks are strong control decks, you have several win conditions and mechanisms to play out this deck.

Look to send your deathrattle cards to the graveyard in the early game while playing this deck. You’re going to be bringing them back with N’Zoth, so make some choices relevant to your matchup with Museum Curator.

You have some powerful AOE combinations. Auchenai Soulpriest plus Circle of Healing is a 4 damage board clear on turn 4. One of the most powerful early game clearance mechanics. It does damage your own minions as well, so plan ahead if you’re going to use this combination.

It takes some practice to master this deck, it’s control heavy and there are some synergies to look out for. It’s a fun deck to play and matches up very well against most decks on the ladder. It’s particularly strong in Wild format with a couple of changes. I will cover this in another post at a later date.