Best Druid Deck September 16 Season 30

Best Druid Deck September 16 Season 30Druid is in a great place right now, there are a few lists that are doing really well. This is the Best Druid Deck September 16 Season 30 to climb as it’s the most consistent against all types of decks. It’s not the easiest to play, but you can learn it quickly.

Look out for the synergy with Malygos and how long you should hold onto the spell damage for. The new card Moonglade Portal has added massive value to the deck, it’s a great tempo card and there are loads of awesome 6 drops.

I think this deck one of the more fun decks to play, give it a go and see how you get on.

Mulligan Guide for Malygos Druid

As a Druid you always want your ramp to get off to a fast start. Mulligan hard for Wild Growth and Innervate. Wrath is good for early removal, and Raven Idol is fine too.