Best Druid Wild Deck w Kel’Thuzad

Best Druid Wild Deck w Kel'ThuzadThis is the Best Druid Wild Deck w Kel’Thuzad included. This list has been working really well for me, the value you get from Kel’Thuzard is insane in wild.

Play this deck by looking for ramp early to innovate out some big threats or add mana crystals for the following turns. If you can get ahead on mana or on the board you are going to win most of your games.

There is a lot of aggro in wild. The taunts in this deck put a stop to the likes of Zoolock and Aggro Shaman. Use your removal early to limit the amount of damage you take as there is no healing in the deck.

Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Druid Deck August 16 Season 29 ladder climb. Token-Yogg Druid is possibly the strongest deck on ladder right now. It’s capable of winning vs any deck with the random power of Yogg. It has a lot of strong removal, and late game units like Onyxia.

If you don’t have Onyxia you can use Cenarius or Ragnaros. Onyxia works well with Power of the Wild though and can shut out a game. Use Raven Idols for spells to charge up Yogg even more and find more removal.

The only real hard games are against aggressive decks if you don’t draw early removal. Apart from that, most games are at least 50/50, have fun!

Malygos Druid Deck 2016 OG

How to Play This DeckMalygos Druid Deck 2016 OG

Malygos decks are the ultimate in OTK burn. Malygos gives your spells +5 damage. So decks with Malygos are built around good card cycle, lots of burn spells, and minions to stall the game out a few extra turns.

This deck actually has 19 spells but it works perfectly. You have some extra card draw, and some possible synergy with Fandral Staghelm and Violet Teacher. There is also Yogg-Saon, Hope’s End for some late-game craziness after you have used a load of spells.

Ideally you want to play Malygos when you can play some damage spells directly after, such as innovate + Moonfire / Living Roots etc. There is a lot of hard removal in the current META so be aware of what your opponent is holding on to to remove a big minion.

Give this Malygos Druid Deck 2016 OG a try.