Savjz Bog Champ Concede Control Shaman

This is the Savjz Bog Champ Concede Control Shaman list Savjz Savjz Bog Champ Concede Control Shamanwas playing on stream after seeing Frodan killing it in SeatStory Cup V.

This deck is going to be popular for a while on ladder as it does a good job of countering most decks. It’s a strong control deck that can out last other control decks, and it has the damage and board clears to put a stop to aggro decks.

Give it a try and see how you get on. It’s not a simple deck to play, but you will get the hang of it with a few matches.

Kolento Legend Rank Dragon Warrior with Arch Thief Rafam

This is the Kolento Legend Rank Dragon Warrior with Arch Thief Rafam he was using on stream to climb the ladder. It’s a strong control variation of Kolento Legend Rank Dragon Warrior with Arch Thief Rafamthe popular dragon Warrior deck. Arch-Thief gives you a versatile win-condition that isn’t in a lot of decks. It will take your opponents by surprise and actually works out really well.

C’Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech

This is an interesting C’Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech build. I playedC'Thun Warrior with Doomsayer Tech a few games with it and it’s definitely a good tech choice. C’Thun Warrior struggles against aggro, and the Doomsayer is one of the best early game anti-aggro cards. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Secret Paladin Deck Standard Format

This Secret Paladin Deck Standard Format has been taken to high legend Secret Paladin Deck Standard Formatand is a legit deck. Yes, it only has 3 secrets, but it’s incredibly effective and this means you are not as likely to draw many secrets before your challenger.

You can use divine shield synergy, buffs, weapons, and of course Tirion Fordring to take control of the board. This is the new age of secret Paladin, it’s not been banished to wild. Give this list a spin and let me know how you get on.

Which Hearthstone Decks Are Most Popular?

The answer to this question does change over time of course. But which Hearthstone decks are most popular and continue to be so?

There have been some constant decks that have stuck around for a long time and have changed with the META while essentially staying the same. Some decks that have been around for what seems like forever include:


This is a Warlock deck that get’s its name ‘zoolock’ because it involves dropping as many cheap minions as possible. Loosely resembling a zoo by having a load of animals around running riot, right?

Check out a Zoolock deck here.

Face Hunter

Possibly the easiest deck to play, and one of the cheapest to build. So it’s always been a popular choice and will often be seen being played at lower ranks regardless of how it performs in the current META.

Check out a Face Hunter deck here.

Control Warrior

Also known as ‘wallet warrior’ due to its high cost and the amount of legendary cards in the deck. It’s a frustrating deck to play against because you know it’s going to be a long game. Control warriors do as the name suggests, they control the game with lots of removal and weapons.

Check out a Control Warrior deck here.

Tempo Mage

Since the release of Blackrock Mountain and the Mage class was given Flamewakers, Tempo Mage has been a very popular deck. It’s fairly easy to play and strong in most META games. It does however rely on a lot of RNG and can be incredibly frustrating. You’re constantly firing missiles that hit random targets, so good luck!

Check out a Tempo Mage deck here.

Ramp Druid

The key cards in the Druid class are ‘ramp’ cards. This means they extra mana crystal either permanently or temporarily to help you cast more expensive spells, or drop more expensive minions than your opponent. ‘Cheating mana’ is an incredibly powerful mechanic, dropping a 5 drop on turn one by playing double Innervate for example can all but end the game right then.

Check out a Ramp Druid deck here.

Aggro Pally

Aggressive Paladin builds have been around since the release of Hearthstone. Paladin has a couple of key cards that make aggressive builds very effective. Equality, which sets every minion’s health on the board to 1. And, Consecration which is a 2 damage AOE spell. Used either in combination or tactfully on their own you can gain good board advantage to start rushing your opponents face.

Check out an Aggro Pally deck here.

Cheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle

How to Play This DeckCheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle

This is a good Cheap Rogue Deck Standard Miracle build for those who want to play Miracle Rogue but don’t have all the cards. Obviously, it’s not as strong as a complete Miracle Rogue list, but you can still climb the ladder and if you’re free to play it’s one of the strongest decks you can make for this dust value.

Give it a go and let me know what you think. You should be able to pass rank 10 pretty easily, and as you build up gold from quests and winning you can swap in stronger cards.

Cheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard

This Cheap Shaman Deck Old Gods Standard is perfect if you’re new to the game, free to play, or just don’t have many cards for whatever reason.

It costs next to nothing to build. I have added a few cards that aren’t common or base level, and they add a lot to the deck so do try and get your hands on these.

It’s a mid range shaman deck with plenty of burst and some good control cards. You have the one card to unlock some mana crystals – Eternal Sentinel, so use it wisely.

Shaman isn’t the easiest deck for new players, but it’s one of the most fun and doesn’t take too long to master. Don’t give up if you hit a losing streak. Cheap decks can only take you so far, but I’d say you can break the top 10 and earn a lot of gold to build up a better collection with this deck for sure.