Best Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27

How to Play This DeckBest Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27

Shaman is probably the most popular class right now. It’s the strongest overall in my opinion, and there are a lot of different builds to play around with so it’s fun. This is the Best Shaman Deck June 2016 Season 27 to get started with.

It’s not an all-out aggro build because the aggro Shaman tends to get countered by a number of decks. Especially if it’s really popular. With this midrange build, you can use your early removal and strong overload cards to hold board presence. When you drop Thunder Bluff Valiant and Fire Elemental‘s you’re going to steamroll the game.

If you’re up against a lot of Zoo then switch a Lightening Bolt for another Lightening Storm. You are looking to mulligan for Tunnel Trogg, Flame Juggler, and Flametongue Totem. Keep the totem hero power pumping out the totems to buff with the Flametongue and reduce the cost of Thing from Below. There is a huge amount of value in Shaman cards, especially with overload. Eternal Sentinel removes the locked crystals and if you can use this on two or more crystals you are gaining insane value.