Best Priest Deck September 16 Season 30

Best Priest Deck September 16 Season 30If you’re looking for the Best Priest Deck September 16 Season 30 then you need to try this resurrect Priest list that became the strongest Priest deck towards the end of last season. Resurrect Priest decks are incredibly strong, and very frustrating to play against.

Get that Injured Blademaster down as soon as possible then you can either buff and heal it while it trades, or if your opponent kills it resurrect it at a lower mana cost than it cost to summon.

Barnes can swing games by summoning Sylvanas or Priest of the Feast. Priest is in a much better place than previous months, give this deck a try and see how you get on.

Mulligan Guide for Resurrect Priest

The main card to mulligan for is Injured Blademaster. You want to drop that on turn 3, and also have some cheap removal like Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death.