Dragon Priest Season 32 Nov 2016

Dragon Priest Season 32 Nov 2016Dragon Priest is still a decent deck, it’s actually pretty good vs all these Shamans too. This is the best Dragon Priest list for season 32, Nov 2016. I’ve played this deck a lot, it can be so frustrating at times if you don’t have a Dragon to activate your other dragons, or can’t find Holy Nova when you’re staring down a board of Totems.

If you don’t let yourself get tilted and you keep practicing the list you can easily sustain a +50% win rate, it’s a fun deck too with some important decisions.

Zetalot Legend Priest Deck July 16

There is always a lot of interest in the Priest decks Zetalot Zetalot Legend Priest Deck July 16uses to achieve legend. This is the Zetalot Legend Priest Deck July 16 season 28 list.

This list seems to be the strongest right now for Priest. Having N’Zoth to bring back Sylvanas Windrunner and Shifting Shades represents a lot of value. Both in minion body’s, and some extra cards from the Shifting Shades.

It’s well-known that post-Old Gods Priest isn’t the strongest class. But this deck proves it can hang with the best when played well and tweaked to work with the META.

Give this list a go and see how you get on. It’s not the easiest to play if you’re not familiar with playing Priest, but you will get the hang of it.

Cheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon

How to Play This DeckCheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon

This Cheap Priest Deck Standard Dragon Priest build isn’t going to rocket you up to legend, but if it’s all you can afford to build then it’s one of the best decks to make. Dragon Priest has some strong synergy cards that will shut down other cheap decks and give the edge at lower ranks as you start to climb.

Mulligan for your one and two drops and hold on to any dragon if you only have one in your hand. Using the dragon in hand to synergize and buff your other minions is incredibly important to get the most value.

Try and save Entomb for those large threats your opponent has. Resist trying to use it for a little tempo or to deal with a smaller minion that’s hard to remove. You will regret it when you see a Ragnaros drop, or a Gromish.

Old Gods Control Priest Standard Deck

How to Play This DeckOld Gods Control Priest Standard Deck

This Old Gods Control Priest Standard Deck is a lot stronger than it gets respect for in the current META. The ability to stall out the turns and keep clearing the board gives you the chance to fatigue most decks and remove their big threats with cost-effectively, or with Entomb to add their big cards to your own deck.

Mulligan for Northshire Cleric, Auchenai Soulpriest, and Circle of healing. You can combo some card draw or clear the board on turn 4 with these cards.