Savjz N’Zoth Rogue Season 29

This is the Savjz N’Zoth Rogue Season 29 he was playing on stream. Savjz Savjz N'Zoth Rogue Season 29is one of the most popular streamers and uses some interesting decks. He doesn’t just play the top tier decks, and does really well with a lot of his lists so it’s always worth trying out his decks.

This deck plays out like a lot of Rogue lists. Use your removal to keep the board clear early and try to get some minions to stick and value trade while fighting for the board.

Save you coins and cheap spells for a miracle turn with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw through your deck and find the cards you need to get value from N’Zoth on turn 10.

Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Rogue Deck August 16 Season 29 ladder climb. It is of course a Miracle Rogue list which is the strongest archetype of Rogue in the current META. Chinese Tempo Rogue can be fast for climbing as the games are quicker, but I doubt you will have the win ratio you will with this list.

This deck plays out by using early removal to keep the board clear until you can hit the Gadgetzan + spells to cycle through your deck. The main win condition is Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood.