Best Rogue Deck Nov 16 Season 32

Best Rogue Deck Nov 16 Season 32Malygos Rogue is the Best Rogue Deck Nov 16 Season 32. Miracle Rogue is still a really strong deck too, but OTK decks like this one and Malygos Druid are some of the strongest decks right now.

You still have the Miracle Rogue engine with lots of spells and Gadgetzan Auctioneer. The gameplan with this deck is to use your spells to keep the board clear and leave enough burst for an OTK with Malygos.

Or let Mally sit on the board for more than one turn and take chunks our of your opponent. Once you’re familiar with all the spell damage + buff’s it’s a fun deck to play and matches up well vs most of the META decks.