Best Shaman Deck September 16 Season 30

Best Shaman Deck September 16 Season 30This is the Best Shaman Deck September 16 Season 30. Aggro Shaman is probably the fastest way to climb ladder, the games are fast and your win rate will be high. This is the list Xixo used to get to rank 1 legend on the second day of the season, so if that isn’t proof enough this is the best deck to race the ladder I don’t know what is.

The new card Spirit Claws is yet another awesome aggro tool for Shaman to get some early tempo and control the board. You need spell power to get the full 3 damage, but with Drakes, Bloodmage, and always a chance to roll a spell power totem you will have spell power most of the time when you need it.

Mulligan Guide for Aggo Shaman

You want the Spirit Claws, Tunnel TRogg, Rockbiter, and Totem Golem. Mulligan hard for some or all of these.