My Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33

Wild Format Aggo Shaman Legend Deck Dec 16This is my Wild Format Aggro Shaman Deck December Season 33. The Wild Format is less stable than Standard Format and I typically find it more challenging for this reason – and more fun.

It was a tough climb this season with all Pirate Warriors rushing face as fast as possible. I wanted to use a different deck while still climbing fast so I went with a Standard Aggro Shaman list and changed cards to adjust to the META.

The 2 x Thing from Below became essential to beat Pirate Warriors. I tried Azure Drakes, Aya, extra AOE damage, but without the taunts I was just getting rushed down too quickly.

If you don’t play much Wild you should give it a go. There’s loads more different deck types than standard, all kinds of random cards pop up, and it’s really fun.

Wild Legend Aggo Shaman Dec 16