Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016

Discardlock Zoolock Season 32 Nov 2016Discardlock, Zoolock, Zoo Warlock, whatever you want to call the deck, this latest Warlock build with the Karazhan discard mechanics is the strongest Warlock list right now, Season 32, November 2016.

A few players brought this, or a very similar list to Blizzcon this year and it performed well. It has burst, card draw, taunts, sticky minions, a bit of everything. You can steal a win vs any deck, that’s what makes this list to effective. It’s also an easy deck to play, and the games are quick, so it’s a great ladder climbing deck.

Mulligan for plenty of 1-drops, you’re almost always going to curve out strong. Then just manage your draw and discards and always trade unless you’re facing down lethal in 1-2 turns.

Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock

Best Warlock Wild Deck ZoolockThis list is the Best Warlock Wild Deck Zoolock archetype. Zoo has been a top tier deck for a long time and it’s not going anywhere, especially in Wild. With the inclusion of Imp-losion and Nerubian Egg’s you have a couple of powerful cards from the older sets to throw into the deck.

For the few people who don’t know how to play zoo it’s really straightforward. You drop as many low cost minions as possible and use the buffs to trade up and control the board.

The deck is only weak to board clears like AOE spells, but even then you can populate a board pretty quickly again after.

Leeroy + Power Overwhelming is the main win condition. 10 from the hand and a Soulfire is a lot of burst. Don’t expect many games to go past turn 10, which is important in the Wild Format where N’Zoth decks are everywhere!

Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29Looking for the Best Warlock Deck August 16 Season 29 to get a quick start on the ladder and start ranking up? It has to be Zoolock, this deck is never out of the META and can win against all decks with a good draw.

With a bad draw it still wins vs a lot of the META decks. Play this deck out by dropping low mana minions and using the buffs to trade up and make those value trades.

Leeroy Jenkins plus + Power Overwhelming is going to be your win condition most games. There is one Soulfire too for extra reach, so plenty of burn.

Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

How to Play This DeckCheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard

This Cheap Warlock Deck Zoolock Old Gods Standard is perfect for new players or the free to play Hearthstone community. Zoo is the best kind of deck for cheap builds and maintaining a good win ratio as you add better cards from building up gold.

The first few turns are very important with zoo. You’re looking to flood the board and either play around AOE, hope your opponent doesn’t have AOE, or have some deathrattle minions survive AOE and carry on hitting face afterwards.

You have to trade a lot with zoo because of the threat of AOE. You want at least a neutral board state if there is a board clear, so you can start flooding the board faster than your opponent again.