Control Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016

Control Warrior Season 32 Nov 2016Control Warrior is still one of the strongest decks in the current META. This is the best list for November 2016, season 32. It was a list I saw several players taking to legend last season, and there hasn’t been any significant changes to the META this season.

Yogg-Saron is a bit controversial, but I still have decent success with the card. Certainly more good Yogg’s than bad Yogg’s. Harrison Jones is a must keep tech choice for taking Spirit Claws off Shamans, as is Baron Geddon.

Best Warrior Wild Deck Patron Warrior

Best Warrior Wild Deck Patron WarriorIf you’re looking for the strongest wild format decks this is the Best Warrior Wild Deck Patron Warrior list. Patron Warrior is really effective in the Wild Format. It’s important you play a deck that can dish out a lot of damage and tempo before turn 10 when N’Zoth is played by most decks.

There aren’t a lot of AOE spells commonly used in wild that will wipe out a board of Patrons. Priest is a bad match up, but apart from that you have a lot of favourable matchups and will have a lot of success with this deck.

Dr. Boom is an auto-include in wild decks, the card is bonkers powerful. It takes a little practice if you’re new to Patron Warrior but it’s not a hard deck to play and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Trump Control Warrior WOTOG

Trump Control Warrior WOTOGThis is the latest Trump Control Warrior WOTOG deck list he was using on stream to climb the ladder.

Trump pretty much always uses the strongest deck builds so it’s no surprise a lot of people copy his lists. This is a fairly standard Control Warrior build. The Doomsayer’s are not found in all lists and it’s not always a good tech choice, but playing them is optional in most games.