Hearthstone Welcome Bundle, How Much Does It Cost?

A new patch was released for Hearthstone today and a few interesting things came with it, one being the Welcome Bundle. Building up your collection is the hardest part for most players, and trying to play without all the strongest cards puts you at a disadvantage.

So an offer on packs to save some money is a big deal. The Welcome Bundle is the best offer I remember Blizzard offering so far, so let’s have a look how it works out.

How Many Packs Are in the Welcome Bundle?

You get 10 classic packs in the welcome bundle. In addition to this, you are guaranteed to receive one random legendary card from the classic set.

How Much Does the Welcome Bundle Cost?

The welcome bundle costs $5 in the US, €5 in Europe, and £4 in the UK.

How Many Welcome Bundles Can You Buy?

The welcome bundle offer is limited to one per account, per server.

Is the Welcome Bundle worth Buying?

Absolutely, this is the best value offer I have ever seen. Classic packs are still the best packs as they include cards from the core set that doesn’t rotate out in formats.

Almost all the legendaries see play, and even if you’re opening duplicates at this price it’s worth it for the dust. If you’re serious about building up your collection it’s worth forking out the $5. Grinding out gold each day is all well and good, but your time is worth more than the few bucks.