Call of the Wild Nerf Card Balance Change for Hunter

It doesn’t happen very often, but Blizzard have announced some balance changes, nerfs, (buffs), coming in October. Probably to try and add some balance before the Last Call Championship matches and Blizzcon Finals.

There has been a lot of backlash from the community for some blatantly overpowered cards for some time. Yogg, Call of the Wild, Tuskarr Totemic are three of the worst offenders and they are all being hit by the nerf hammer.

This is the Call of the Wild Nerf nerf/card balance change for Hunter coming in October.

Call of the Wild Nerf Card Balance Change for Hunter

As you can see, the mana cost is being increased from 8 mana to 9 mana. A decent change but the card still has really good value for 9 mana in my opinion.

How Will This Change Affect Hunter?


Midrange Hunter isn’t a tier-1 deck right now. It’s certainly a few strong deck and has some really favorable matchups, but this card did need a nerf.

I don’t think it makes too much difference. You can still just curve into an 8 drop then Call of the Wild. Ragnaros on 8 looks even better now. Or you can taunt up on 8 vs aggro and play Call of the Wild after.

Hearthstone Developers Comments

Here are comments directly from the developers about this change to Call of the Wild:

Although Call of the Wild is intended to be a powerful late game option, it is over performing at 8 mana. By moving it to 9 mana we intend to tone down its power enough that it won’t be an automatic inclusion in every Hunter deck and overshadow other strategies.