Chakki Pirate Warrior Deck

How to Play This DeckChakki Pirate Warrior Deck

Pirates! This Chakki Pirate Warrior Deck is the deck he used in the Americas Primaries and some other tournament decks around this time in May 2016. There have been pirate decks in the past but they always fell short. Now, this isn’t a META breaking deck by any means. But it is very good.

There is loads of synergy to try and find with this deck, and that’s where it’s value and power comes from. Firstly, you’re looking for the Hunter hero power, or Druid as second best. This is an aggro deck so we are looking for that extra face damage!

Mulligan for N’Zoth’s First Mate to load up a weapon. Look to add Upgrade! and work into Bloodsail Cultist and other pirates. This is the dream roll of the draw, and it does happen quite often.

You have loads of burst damage to close out a game. Arcanite Reaper is 5 damage, Leeroy Jenkins is 6, you can easily close a game around turn 5-6. Look to make favourable trades early with your weapons and look for the moment to flip the switch and start going face when you can’t be out-raced.

Chakki Control Warrior Deck

How to Play This DeckChakki Control Warrior Deck

I’m a big fan of Chakki. This Chakki Control Warrior deck is the exact list he used for competition and laddering in the May 2016 season.

His tech choices that differ from some other lists I’ve seen are Harrison Jones, and Baron Geddon. Harrison is an awesome choice in the weapon heavy META we are currently in. Dropping him on a Doomhammer is about as satisfying as it gets. Even if you do overdraw!

The synergy in the current Warrior builds works very well together. The Ravaging Ghoul is an awesome addition from the Old Gods cards. Dropping the Ghoul while you have an Acolyte of Pain down gives you some value card draw. As well as sweeping up all the one health annoying minions found in a lot of aggro decks.

Justicar Truehart for tanking up is good synergy with Baron Geddon. You can take your opponents into fatigue and keep armoring up faster than they can heal. As well as using a Brawl to reset the board. It’s an incredibly versatile deck and very strong in the current META. I don’t see much changing in the near future either. You can easily swap a tech card or two and retain a strong deck.