apDrop Alt F4 Concede Shaman Deck

apDrop Alt F4 Concede Shaman DeckThis is the apDrop Alt F4 Concede Shaman Deck that has been stirring up some interest in the community. It’s quite a bit different to the Bogchamp Shaman decks that popularized the control Shaman build.

Why is it called Alt F4 Shaman?

Alt + F4. Keyboard command to exit out whatever it is you are in.

This deck is so frustrating for players that it will cause them to concede basically. Obviously, it’s not quite that epic. But it’s a frustrating deck.

This deck doesn’t rely on huge taunts like other concede Shaman decks. Instead, it has Harrison Jones to steal weapon, Justicar to allow you to select which totem you want, and board clears + Healing to outvalue your opponents.

It’s more of a value, fatigue deck type control deck. It’s fun to play, does rely on some timely card draw, and you always have Yogg-Saron if things start going bad, right?

Kolento Control Shaman Deck w Arcane Giants

Kolento Control Shaman Deck w Arcane GiantsThis is the Kolento Control Shaman Deck w Arcane Giants he was playing on stream. As Kolento does, he has tweaked the list that is most commonly known as Concede Shaman.

The addition of Arcane Giants gives the deck even more low-cost threats. Control Shaman is a solid deck and isn’t going anywhere for a while, it has all the tools you just need to get past the shaky start against aggro.