J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman Deck

J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman DeckThis is the J4CKIECHAN Crusher Shaman Deck list from his stream. J4CKIECHAN is a great deck builder and he has made some changes to the BogChamp deck. Ragnaros is a deck choice he has made. Some players like Yogg-Saron here, but for consistency having Ragnaros is a more sensible choice.

J4CKIECHAN was killing it at high legend rank at the end of season 28 with this exact list so it’s going to be just as effective in season 29 before the new adventure One Night in Karazhan comes out with new cards.

It’s expensive on dust but all the cards will be used in other decks and being such a strong deck it’s dust well spent. It plays out as a control deck and you try to out-value your opponent and make them quit.