Devolve Shaman Deck by DisguisedToast

Devolve Shaman Deck by DisguisedToastDevolve is one of the interesting Meme type cards that was released with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. I’ve tested it in a few decks and it has a pretty decent impact on the board most of the time.

This Devolve Shaman Deck by DisguisedToast uses the Control Shaman mechanics with N’Zoth and includes one copy of Devolve to help control a board getting out of control.

It’s a fun deck, and while it may not be tier-1, it’s a strong deck that does well against aggro which makes up a large slice of the current META. When you devolve 1-mana pirates and other aggro minions they usually end up with a few Target Dummies.