Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Decklists

The top 8 players who qualified from the EU Summer Prelims are meeting in an 8 man tourney at the EU Summer Championships this weekend 24th and 25th September 2016.

It’s always interesting to see the decklists of the players beforehand to see how they have prepared and what they are teching for. Dizdemon EU Summer Championships decklists are below. He has a strong lineup opting for mostly strong META decks/classes.

This is high-stakes stuff, the winner moves on to Blizzcon to play for the big money in a tournament vs the other seasonal championship winners. You can watch all the action on the Hearthstone official Twitch channel – playhearthstone.

The 8 players playing in the EU Summer Championships are (click name to see decklists):

You can check all the key dates and previous players to qualify for Blizzcon here.

Here are the Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Decklists

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Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Decklists

Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Druid Deck

It’s a fairly standard token Druid with Yogg list. There is double Arcane Giant as the late game big threats, I expect Druid to probably be the best performing class over the weekend.

Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Rogue Deck

Dizdemon has opted to bring Questing Adventurer Rogue, so he is probably banning Warrior. Decent OTK potential when you draw well and I expect this deck to perform well.

Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Shaman Deck

This is a really aggressive Shaman list. It will do well in the mirror matches as it’s faster than some of the other aggro Shaman lists being brought.

Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Hunter Deck

Hunter has seen a rise in popularity as Warlock has seen a dip. It’s become an easy class to play, you pretty much play on curve all the way into Call of the Wild.

Dizdemon EU Summer Championships Warrior Deck

I have been surprised with the amount of N’Zoth Warrior lists being brought to the championships. I don’t come across this list very often on ladder, but the pros think it will perform well in this tournament setting.