Thijs Beast Dragon Hunter Karazhan Deck w Zoobot

Thijs Beast Dragon Hunter Karazhan Deck w ZoobotIf you’re looking for a deck to use the new card Zoobot, try out this Thijs Beast Dragon Hunter Karazhan Deck w Zoobot he’s been playing on stream.

The introduction of new cards from the One Night in Karazhan update has pumped some new life into Hearthstone and there are loads of different decklists going around. Hunter has some great new cards in Kindly Grandmother and Cloaked Huntress, and the neutral card The Curator works perfectly in this deck.

Zoobot gives a random Beast, Murloc, and Dragon +1/1, so landing this on a board with 2 or more targets is going to be good enough value. With the dragon synergy, Call of the Wild, and Kill Command, there’s plenty of SMOrc and ways to win with this deck.

Neviilz Dragon Murloc Rogue Deck w The Curator

Neviilz Dragon Murloc Rogue Deck w The CuratorThis is the Neviilz Dragon Murloc Rogue Deck w The Curator he was playing on stream. As you’d expect with a Neviilz deck, there are some interesting card choices in this deck.

This deck has all of the Mill Rogue mechanics to mill your opponents out. The Curator helps you draw those Coldlight Oracles. The main reason Mill Rogue loses is when you don’t draw these early enough. You still have to wait until turn 7 to play The Curator but at least it’s a guaranteed draw with a Taunt at that point.

It’s a fun deck to play, give it a try and see how you get on.

Dragon Shaman Deck Old Gods

Dragon Shaman Deck Old GodsThis is a Dragon Shaman Deck Old Gods build. It’s a really strong deck that a couple of players that I know of have been playing at high legend rank.

You have the powerful neutral dragon cards found in Dragon Warrior and Dragon Druid lists, along with the strong Shaman cards that carry overload. It’s a good combination and this is a deck that I think is going to become a lot more popular.

Give it a go and see what you think. It’s a fun deck to play, plenty of burst damage and high-value minions.

Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend Blackhand

Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend BlackhandCheck out this Dragon Warrior Deck with Rend Blackhand as a tech. You may have forgotten about Rend, with a dragon in hand this card will destroy any legendary minion!

Think about it, how many decks do you face that run powerful legendary minions, most right? It’s only really Zoolock and Aggro Shaman that sometimes don’t have a legendary minion but you don’t rely on late game vs aggro like those decks anyway.

I think Rend Blackhand is a great tech choice and I will be climbing Season 29 with this deck and seeing how it works out. It’s a good answer to Ragnaros, Grommash, C’thun, and more.


Dragon Druid Deck Legend Rank

Dragon Druid Deck Legend RankThis is a Dragon Druid Deck Legend Rank proven. I’ve taken this deck to rank 2, but have seen others playing it at legend. You can use the other Deathwing if you want too in more aggressive META’s.

To play this deck you want to mulligan hard for ramp and early removal as with most Druid decks. If you can land an Innervate and Wild Growth then curve into some value minions like Blackwing Technician you’re going to gain some early tempo.

It’s a fun deck to play. There are plenty of taunts to help soak up damage from aggressive decks, allowing you to develop some of your large minions as offense and push back against your opponent.