Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior Deck

Thijs Gadgetzan Pirate Dragon Warrior DeckDragon Warrior was one of the top-tier decks over the past few months and although it was overshadowed by Pirates with the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan it’s a still a really strong deck.

In fact, with the addition of Patches the Pirate and Small-Time Buccaneer it’s even stronger than before.

This is the deck list Thijs used in a recent tournament he won. It’s really on ladder too.

Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Dragon Warrior Deck

Anyone following the Hearthstone tournament scene will know that Fr0zen won Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Dragon Warrior Deckthe PAX West tournament held on the 2-3 September, 2016.

This tourney was a pretty big deal and most of the best Hearthstone Pro’s were there. So, to win it was pretty damn awesome, and I thought I’d look at the decks he used.

He turned up with 5 of the strongest META decks, and although sometimes tournament decks are sometimes teched to deal with certain classes, his decks are pretty standard strong ladder decks. He used:

Malygos Druid

Dragon Warrior

Aggro Shaman

Miracle Rogue

Midrange Hunter

Dragon Warrior is still a really strong deck and the recent new cards from Karazhan only made it stronger. This is always a good choice as a tournament deck, but don’t be surprised if it’s banned in formats that allow one ban. If you curve out well there aren’t many classes that can stop the pain.

Sjow Dragon Warrior w Netherspite Book Wyrm Deck September 16

Sjow Dragon Warrior w Netherspite Book Wyrm DeckSjow hit rank 1 legend with a Dragon Warrior deck using The Curator a week or so ago. With more cards released from One Night in Karazhan he was playing a new list on stream today and it looks even stronger than the old list.

Boom Wyrm is a must inclusion in dragon decks now. It removes any minions with 3 or less attack as a battlecry, and Netherspite Historian lets you choose a dragon through discover to fill out your curve or give you a threat specific to you opponent.

Dragon Warrior isn’t going anywhere for a while, it’s a good idea to learn how to play it. Give this list a go and see how you get on, if you can’t ladder up quickly with this deck drop me a message and I’ll help out!

RDU EU Summer Prelims Dragon Warrior Deck

The EU Summer prelims will be played out over the 13th and 14th August RDU EU Summer Prelims Dragon Warrior Deck2016. You can watch all the action on the Hearthstone Twitch Channel.

Here is the RDU EU Summer Prelims Dragon Warrior Deck he will be using to try and advance to Blizzcon. Remeber, tournament decks are not always the strongest ladder decks, but there is a lot you can learn from playing with these decks.

This Dragon Warrior deck is pretty standard to what you see on ladder. It’s one of, if not the strongest overall META deck right now and I expect almost every player to bring a version close to this.

Trump Dragon Warrior Deck

Trump Dragon Warrior DeckWith all the Dragon Warrior decks on ladder I thought I’d share the Trump Dragon Warrior Deck list he has been using. There are some tweaks over other lists but it’s equally as strong.

Malkorok isn’t a tech choice everyone is happy with. Not only does this card take up a space that a dragon could use, the weapon can be complete junk if you’re unlucky.

The rest of the list looks pretty standard. Mulligan early for Finley and change your hero power for one more suited to the opponent in front of you. Usually the Hunter hero power or Warlocks.