Th3rat Gadgetzan Evolve Shaman Deck

Th3rat Gadgetzan Evolve Shaman ListMy favorite meme deck pre-Gadgetzan was Evolve Shaman. In this list from th3rat A couple of new additions from the Gadgetzan set are Jinyu Waterspeaker, and Dopplegangster.

Dopplegangster is the perfect type of card for an evolve deck. You get 3 minions for 5 mana to evolve up.

Play out the list by flooding the board, making value trades, evolving as many minions as possible, and using Bloodlust for a finisher.

Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck

Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman DeckI’ve been having a lot of fun with this deck myself, this is the Thijs Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck he was playing on stream. This is a fun deck, and the best thing is there are loads of different card choices you can add or remove.

I shared Kolento’s Evolve Shaman, as well as Neviilz’ Evolve Shaman, and as you can see there are quite a few differences, but the gameplan stays the same – build a board and Evolve it for a huge value increase and swing turn.

This list doesn’t include any Doomhammers, instead choosing to allow you to drop more minions to get bigger Evovle turns. You’re going to win most games with Bloodlust, so keep that hero power pumping too to populate the board as much as possible.

Kolento Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck

With the release of the new cards in Wing one of One Night in Karazhan Kolento Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deckwe have some more tokens to strengthen the Evolve Shaman decks. This is the Kolento Karazhan Evolve Shaman Deck he was playing on stream and having some decent success with.

The main evolve targets in this deck is the Pantry Spider and Nerubian Prophet. These are value cards that you can play for low mana, then evolve them and hope for some decent minions. Panty Spider is a 3 mana 1/3 that spawns another 3 mana 1/3 as a battlecry. So for 3 mana plus the 1 mana Evolve you have 2 x 4 mana minions. Sounds good to me.

It’s a fun deck to play, maybe not the most competitive. But you can steal some wins and some of the minions that appear from the Evolve are going to change the game.

Savjz Evolve Shaman Deck with One Night in Karazhan Cards

I’m enjoying seeing all these new decks with just a few of the One Night in Karazhan cards being released. Here is a Savjz Evolve Shaman Deck with Savjz Evolve Shaman Deck with One Night in Karazhan CardsOne Night in Karazhan Cards. Savjz always comes up with fun and interesting decks that work, and this is a great deck to showcase some of the new cards.

It has the Pantry Spider and Arcanosmith. Along with the other mechanics that make a good evolve Shaman deck. Play this deck out by trying to get as many minions/tokens on the board as possible. Set up the opportunity to finish your opponent with Bloodlust, or Evolve the board for insane value.