Basic Shaman Deck Zero Dust Cost

Basic Shaman Deck Zero Dust CostHow to Play This Deck

This deck is the best basic shaman deck zero dust cost possible variant of a playable Shaman deck that I could put together. Please bare that in mind when playing it. It’s designed for new players, F2P’ers, and people looking for a zero cost deck for some kind fo challenge or tournament with special rules.

Shaman is one of the more explosive classes and you do have a good win condition in both Bloodlust, and Windfury. There are multiple buff cards too. Rockbiter, Shattered Sun Cleric, Raid Leader, and Stormwind Champion are all great and trading up against your opponent.

Mulligan hard for Rockbiter, Acidic Swap Ooze and Razorfen Hunter. Remember to save the Ooze for a weapon if you’re playing against weapon classes like Warrior, Rogue, Paladin etc. When playing a F2P deck, achieving maximum value is key.

You are restricted by the basic level cards so don’t expect to beat decks with rarer cards. However, there is something satisfying about Hex‘ing a legendary minion, or dropping the Flametongue Totem and trading up unexpectedly. It’s a fun deck to get started with, good luck!