Hotform Feast of the Priest Deck

This is the Hotform Feast of the Priest Deck he was using to climb the Hotform Feast of the Priest Deckladder on stream. It’s an interesting deck utilizing the new card – Fiest of the Priest, from the new adventure One Night in Karazhan.

It’s a control deck, so play it out looking to control the board early. Mulligan for your Doomsayers and Wild Pyromancer. Use Priest of the Feast to heal up and stall the game until you can use your win conditions – Elise Starseeker, and out valuing your opponent.

It’s great vs aggro and definitely a legend rank Priest deck.

Priest of the Feast

Priest of the Feast Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanGuess what? It’s actually a pretty decent card.