Firebat Freeze Priest Guide and Video

This Firebat Freeze Priest Guide and Video shows one of his games playing as Freeze Priest. It’s a combo deck that plays out a lot like freeze mage. You buy enough time to get your combo pieces togeather and burst your opponent for OTK or enough finishing damage.

In this match Firebat finishes off his opponent with a 34 damage combo!

Firebat OTK Warrior Tournament Deck

This is a video showing the Firebat OTK Warrior Tournament Deck he played recently in the Starladder group stages to finish his opponent in one turn.

There are several combo pieces, but once you have them all in hand you are going to do 30+ damage to your opponent. Similar to the deck Thijs played, this OTK warrior is a hot deck right now and works well on ladder too, so give it a go.