Frodan Bogchamp Concede Shaman Deck

So you probably saw Frodan go 6-0 in the opening two Frodan Bogchamp Concede Shaman Deckmatches in the  SeatStory Cup V tournament. This is the Frodan Bogchamp Concede Shaman Deck that he used.

It’s called a ‘Concede Shaman’ because it forces opponents to concede due to volume of high-value cards that are difficult to kill off. Leading your opponent to rage quit when they see a Bog Creeper with Ancestral Spirit, or after you play an Elemental Destruction with Hallazeal the Ascended on board to perform a full heal.

The deck has loads of heals and taunts. You do have to manage your overload carefully and think through future turns, so it can be tricky to play at first. But it’s an incredibly powerful deck on both ladder and in tournaments.