One Night in Karazhan Card Back

Here is the One Night in Karazhan Card Back:

One Night in Karazhan Card Back

Looks pretty cool, huh. There are no pre-orders with the release of this adventure. To get the card back you have to buy the entire adventure within a week of it being released on the 11th August.

You can find the price of the adventure in gold and real money here, as well as the breakdown per wing or the entire price.

When Can I Pre-Order Hearthstone Adventure One Night in Karazhan?

As you will be well aware the new adventure for Hearthstone – One Night in Karazhan will be released on the 11th August 2016.

A lot of people are asking when they can pre-order the adventure. Most adventures and expansions have been available for pre-order previously. This time however, there is no pre-order.

There is a special card back, you can earn this by ordering the whole adventure within the first week of its release.

The One Night in Karazhan card back looks like this;

One Night in Karazhan Card Back

Pretty cool.