C’Thun Control Hunter Deck

If you’re looking for a C’Thun Control Hunter Deck this is a strong build C'Thun Control Hunter Deckthat I have tested. I had a positive win ratio, but not a massively successful one. Hunter isn’t the strongest class for C’Thun builds. The element of surprise really catches opponents off guard but it lacks consistency.

Savjz N’Zoth Yogg Shaman Deck

This is the Savjz N’Zoth Yogg Shaman Deck he was playing on stream. It’s Savjz N'Zoth Yogg Shaman Decka control Shaman deck, Shaman has become a powerhouse for control archetypes since the addition of Hallazeal the Ascended. Combo this legendary with Elemental Destruction and you can usually full heal.

There are some value cards in this deck, check you have:

Cairne Bloodhoof

Sylvanas Windrunner


Ragnaros the Firelord


and of course:

N’Zoth the Corruptor

Yogg-Saron Hope’s End

Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck

This is the Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deck he was having success Neviilz Shadowcaster Yogg Rogue Deckwith on stream. it has all the typical staple Rogue cards, along with Yogg-Saron for that late game crazy win-condition.

Don’t blame anyone other than yourself if Yogg kills you. You sign up for anything to happen when you play Yogg. Although, when you play it on a board you are behind on, it’s more likely to help you then kill you.

Shadowcaster is an awesome card. You can add a 1/1 to your hand of SI:7 Agent, Xaril, Dark Iron Skulker, Emperor Thaurissan, they all offer insane value.

Neviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck

This is the Neviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck he was playing on stream andNeviilz Leeroy OTK Shaman Deck doing really well with. The Leeroy + Faceless + Windfury combo is insane. You can do 31 out of the hand pretty easily.

You need to land a good Emperor Thauissan turn. But then it’s all plain sailing and burst damage FTW!

Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck

This Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deck is the deck he used on Neviilz Hallazeal Windfury Shaman Deckstream to do some ladder climbing. It’s a control deck that has enough healing to take you into the late game so you can drop a big minion and give it windfury.

Hallazeal the Ascended – ‘Whenever your spells deal damage, restore that much health to your hero’.

If you can use Elemental Destruction you can clear and heal for an insane amount. That’s the combo to look out for.

Takes a bit of practice to get used to this deck. But after 20 or so games I’m around 60% win ratio. It’s a load of fun, and there are some crazy win-from-behind opportunities.

Neviilz Yogg Gadgetzan Tempo Mage Deck

This is the Neviilz Yogg Gadgetzan Tempo Mage Deck he was playing on Neviilz Yogg Gadgetzan Tempo Mage Deckstream. I’m not sure about Servant of Yogg-Saron, that card has always done me wrong. But it’s a fun deck like most of the decks he plays.

It’s still good for laddering though. You can take this deck to legend if you’re a decent player. Oh, and if you have some luck on your side of course.

Chinese Tempo Mage Deck with Cablist’s Tome

This list is the Chinese Tempo Mage Deck with Cablist’s Tome that’s been Chinese Tempo Mage Deck with Cablist's Tomeseen on the competitive stage, and found its way onto ladder. People are always interested by the Chinese META and their decks as they are usually very different to the EU and US META decks.

The addition of two Cabalist’s Tome’s is an interesting addition. This card was seen as being way too slow, yet now it’s being included in a lot of decks. It’s a great card to reload your hand and it turns out that mage spells are usually pretty good!

Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter List

This is a recent Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter List. Having seen this Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter Listdeck list be taken to top 10 legend on the EU server you know it’s a strong deck. Hunter has found its place in the current META by being aggressive early on and stacking up the damage. While having some of the strongest late cards in the game. Call of the Wild is insanely powerful, and Highmane is probably the strongest 6 drop in the game.

J4CKIECHAN Yogg Token Druid Deck

J4CKIECHAN is one of the best druid players, especially with token and J4CKIECHAN Yogg Token Druid Deckegg druid builds. This J4CKIECHAN Yogg Token Druid Deck is the exact list I watched him take to legend in the June season. Give it a try, it’s great at swarming vs aggro, has awesome synergy for some big combo damage, and fun to play.