Hotform Reno Dragon Priest Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Release

Hotform Reno Dragon Priest Mean Streets of Gadgetzan ReleaseIf you’re looking for a fun deck that uses a load of the new cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan check out this Hotform Reno Dragon Priest Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Release.

Loads of new cards and synergies to play around with, and of course the much awaited Kazakus is in the deck so you can make some fun custom spells.

Hotform Dragon Mage Deck Nov 16

Hotform Dragon Mage Deck Nov 16This is the Hotform Dragon Mage Deck Nov 16 he was playing on ladder climbing to legend.

I’ve started playing it myself to finish off my climb to legend, it’s really fun and actually a solid choice in the current META. Netherspite Historian is a lot more effective than it gets credit for, if you draw it on curve you have a decent body that trades with low health aggro units and you can choose a dragon to fill out your curve.

Mulligan for your 1-drops and aim to curve out. Sometimes it makes sense to keep Twilight Guardian vs aggressive decks, especially if you’re on the coin.

Hotform Top 10 Legend Y’Shaarj Curator Druid Deck

Hotform Top 10 Legend Y'Shaarj Curator Druid DeckThis is an interesting deck I was watching Hotform play inside the top 10 legend on NA this week. It’s a Y’Shaarj, Curator Druid Deck.

Control decks are doing really well since the nerfs on a few of the aggro cards. There isn’t so much threat in the first few turns and once you stabilize if you’re playing control you’re going to pull away from those annoying aggro decks.

There is loads of synergy and strong combinations in this deck. A Fandral, Ragnaros or Y’Shaarj from Banes is pretty insane. Arcane Giants for 0 mana, Stampeding Kodo’s, it’s a fun deck!

I’ve played a few games with it and it seems to do well vs Shamans, but it pretty horrible vs Hunter’s which seem to be popular right now. See how you get on.

Hotform Control Warlock W Price Malchezaar Deck

hotform control warlock w price malchezaar deckI thought I would share this Hotform Control Warlock W Price Malchezaar Deck as it’s something a little different while still being a competitive deck. There haven’t been many control Warlocks in a while, Renolock is the closest thing.

This deck is another build with Prince Malchezaar in. It’s proven to work well in Control Warrior, and it was performing pretty well in this Warlock build.

Hotform Medivh the Guardian Mage Karazhan Deck

Hotform Medivh the Guardian Mage Karazhan DeckMedivh, the Guardian has finally been released, and early signs are that it’s pretty darn awesome. This is the Hotform Medivh the Guardian Mage Karazhan Deck he was playing on stream and he hit a pretty long win streak.

The value from Medivh is really good when used with anything from a 5 mana spell upwards. If you compare it to Ragnaros, in most instances you’re better off playing Medivh, the Guardian.

You get a 7/7 body that can attack any target, and 3 minions from spells in the following turns. This card is going to make some changes to the current META.

Hotform Miracle Rogue w Swashburglar Arcane Giant

With all the new decks being tested after the new cards were released thisHotform Miracle Rogue w Swashburglar Arcane Giant week I found this Hotform Miracle Rogue w Swashburglar Arcane Giant an interesting build.

The miracle Rogue synergy with Arcane Giant is smooth, giving you 8/8 drops for low cost. Just play out the deck the same as you would a normal Miracle Rogue deck. Yogg is another late-game finisher (sometimes), and Swashburglar just adds another card to your hand to play with.

In Search of the Unicorn Priest Deck

There has been a lot of talk about finding a ‘Unicorn Priest Deck’, after Lead Developer Ben Brode sent out a Tweet saying there are probably good Priest decks still undiscovered.

This was taken out of context, and out of control. With a lot of players assuming there is a Tier one Priest deck out there that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Ben Brode Unicorn Priest Tweet

On a positive note, this encouraged a lot of players to test different Priest builds. With the new card Priest of the Feast being released in Wing One of One Night in Karazhan, there have also been some new and interesting decks.

So, in search of the unicorn Priest deck that’s going to change the META, check out these strong lists. All of which are legendary standard lists and competitive in the current META.

Zetalot Legend Priest Deck Season 29

Hotform Priest of the Feast Deck

Neviilz Priest of the Feast High Legend Deck

All of these lists are really good Priest decks. Maybe not that ‘Unicorn’ deck, but as we all know, unicorns don’t exist. 🙂

Have fun. With some determination, skill, and creativity, Priest is still a class you can play at high legend, and it’s incredibly fun.

Hotform Feast of the Priest Deck

This is the Hotform Feast of the Priest Deck he was using to climb the Hotform Feast of the Priest Deckladder on stream. It’s an interesting deck utilizing the new card – Fiest of the Priest, from the new adventure One Night in Karazhan.

It’s a control deck, so play it out looking to control the board early. Mulligan for your Doomsayers and Wild Pyromancer. Use Priest of the Feast to heal up and stall the game until you can use your win conditions – Elise Starseeker, and out valuing your opponent.

It’s great vs aggro and definitely a legend rank Priest deck.

Priest of the Feast

Priest of the Feast Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanGuess what? It’s actually a pretty decent card.

Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deck

With the first few cards being released just hours ago in the new adventure One Night in Karazhan it’s fun seeing all Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deckthe pros on Twitch testing the new cards. This is the Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deck he’s been playing.

It will give you a good starting point to help build a deck of your own with the new Firelands Portal card. Looks like Hotform cut the Acolytes of Pain from his usual build to fit the new card in.

There is also a Moroes in the deck. Not sure how well this card synergizes with tempo mage….