Kazakus Custom Spell Mechanic


Kazakus is a tri-class legendary minion that’s part of the expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan due for release in December 2016.

The card is part of the tri-class Kabal faction, so it’s playable by Mage, Priest, and Warlock classes. The battlecry introduces a new mechanic to the game. opens up a series of custom spell options to allow you to make a custom spell.

By playing Kazakus you open up a series of custom spell options to allow you to make a custom spell. There are three parts to building the spell, choosing the mana cost, then adding two effects.

How does Kazakus Work?

Here is a video released by Blizzard at Blizzcon 2016 showing the card in play.

Mana Cost Choice for the Custom Spell

As you can see, when you play Kazakus you have the option to choose between three cards. The higher the mana cost the more powerful the effect is.

Kazakus Custom Spell First Choice

First Effect Choice for the Custom Spell

You’re then given three more options based on your first decision. If you choose a 10 mana card you have three 10 mana choices to add to the spell.

You can choose fro options that include doing x damage to minions, drawing cards, copy cards from your opponent’s deck, summoning minions that have died, and more.

Kazakus Custom Spell Second Choice

Second Effect Choice for the Custom Spell

You are also given a second choice of three effects to add to the spell. This opens up a wide range of possibilities to help you deal with the current board state.

You can combine two different effects and do some crazy things, and it makes a lot of spells possible that we have previously not been able to do with these classes.

Kazakus Custom Spell Third Choice

Kazakus Spells to Choose from

At the point of writing this, we know some of the spells that we will be able to choose from to make the Kazakus custom spells:

Spell NameEffect1 Mana Choice5 Mana Choice10 Mana Choice
GoldthornGive your minions # Health+2+4+6
FelbloomDeal # damage to all minions+2+4+6
IcecapFreeze # random enemy minions123
KingsbloodDraw # cards123
Mystic WoolTransform all minions in 1/1 sheepNANAAll minions
NetherbloomSummon a #/# demon3/25/58/8
Powerful MojoCopy # cards from your opponents deck and put them in your hand.123
Shadow OilAdd # random demons to your hand123
Stonescale OilGain # Armor4710
Ichor of UndeathSummon # friendly minions that died this game123
Heart of FireDeal # damage368