Decks to Counter Pirate Warrior With

We are only 2-3 days into the Gadgetzan META and things are still very unstable, but one thing we do know is that the Pirate tribe got a massive boost in strength.

Pirate Warrior is very popular on ladder, mostly due to being very easy and quick to play. It’s also really annoying to loose too as it only takes a few rounds and you feel powerless when they draw well.

But fear not! There are some decks that counter Pirate Warrior really well, so you can shut them down, counter the META, and bag some easy wins.

Decks to Counter Pirate Warrior With

Stancifka’s Rank 1 Legend Renolock

Stancifka Rank 1 Legend Renolock Gadgetzan ListThis is the list that only took Stancifka a couple of days to climb to rank one legend with. So, you know he killed off a lot of pirate warriors and had a good win ratio vs the deck.

Renolock is not the easiest deck to play but once momentum is on your side it just gets stronger and stronger.

Control the board while healing and keeping out of lethal range and set up the Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming + Faceless Manipulator combo.





apDrop’s Pirate Rogue

apDrop Pirate Rogue Gadgetzan DeckapDrop was 13-0 vs Pirate Warrior when I was watching him play this list on his stream.

This list is perfectly balanced to shut down Pirate Warriors.

You have taunts to stop their weapon going face, loads of burst of your own, and spells to help clear the board without sacrificing face or minion damage.





Kolento’s Jade Druid

Kolento Jade Golem Druid DeckI watched Kolento play a lot of his Jade Druid and he was shutting down Pirate Warriors.

The early turns can be a little shaky, but the synergy of Fandral Staghelm with various cards can turn the board.

Cycling through Gadgetzan gives you a card advantage, and the 5/10 Ancient of War puts up a wall they find difficult to get through.