Xixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck

This is the Xixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck seen on ladder and in tournamentXixo Bloodlust Shaman Deck play. The way to play this deck is to value trade while sticking as many minions to the board as possible. Bloodlust gives + 3 to all minions, so it’s not hard to add enough damage for the kill.

Shaman has a lot of strong minions right now. Totems are stronger than ever and you can force your opponent to trade while hitting face and wearing down their life total.

Primal Fusion in an interesting tech card. 1 mana for a 1/1 for each totem on board is a strong and efficient card.

Midrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build

This Midrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build is one way to shut down theMidrange Shaman Counter Zoolock Build large amount of Shaman on the ladder right now. There are lots of cards that allow you to value trade up to keep pace with all the value cards in the Shaman deck. There are no overload on these however, so you can start to pull away on value and get an upper hand.

There is loads of synergy with Knife Juggler to snipe off units. As well as a Flame Juggler hitting the target you want. Use Dark Iron Dwarf and Abusive Sergeant to uptrade and leave a body on board.

You have burst to match the midrange Shaman deck too with Leeroy Jenkins, Power Overwhelming, and one copy of Soulfire.

Xixo Aggro Shaman Deck

Xixo is one of the top pro players on the scene, and he is known for his Xixo Aggro Shaman DeckShaman decks. This Xixo Aggro Shaman Deck is the same list as he has been using on ladder and taking to some tournaments.

It’s a pretty typical aggro Shaman. The Thing from Below‘s give you a some options to add a couple of rounds by taunting up compared to the decklists not carrying these.

Mulligan for Tunnel Trogg, Lightning Bolts, and Finley Mrrgglton to get off to a fast start and there are few decks that can keep up. Learn when to SMOrc and when to trade. But if in doubt, always go face! 🙂

Steward of Darkness Murloc Paladin Deck

Steward of Darkness Murloc Paladin DeckMurlocs are Back!

I have always liked murloc decks, from the early warlock murloc builds, to The Grand Tournament Paladin murloc builds, and of course the Anyfin can Happen Paladin deck.

I’ve been playing around with new murloc builds with the new cards, and this Steward of Darkness Murloc Paladin Deck has been working really well.

With Whispers of the Old Gods we now have some new murloc cards, and they work really well in an aggressive Paladin build. This deck combines murlocs with the new divine shield synergy from the Selfless Hero and Steward of Darkness cards.

It tops out at two 4 mana minions, and two 4 mana spells. It’s an aggressive deck that plays out like zoo. You can make some favourable trades with divine shields, and use weapons and juggler knives to get some extra damage in.

Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video

Renounce Darkness!Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video

If you are putting together a Renounce Darkness deck, check this Kibler Renounce Darkness Deck with Video. It’s a solid deck list that will hold its own without needing to draw Renounce Darkness early. In fact, if you watch the video you will see that he was about to lose before he played RD and he had an insane hand of Paladin cards.

It’s a card that relies on RNG for the most part but it’s incredibly fun. I think it’s possible to climb the lower ladder ranks pretty easily too.

For more Renounce Darkness craziness check out these decks:

Trumps Renounce Darkness Deck.

Forsens Renounce Darkness Deck.

Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck

Playing Renounce DarknessTrump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck

There were a few fun cards released with the Whispers of the Old Gods rollout, and Renounce Darkness is one of the most fun and interesting for sure. The card text reads:

Replace your hero power and Warlock cards with another class’s. The cards cost (1) less.

This list is the Trump Renounce Darkness Warlock Deck. It’s similar to some other builds I’ve played with and is a decent deck. You have to accept the fact that there is a huge RNG factor to playing Renounce Darkness.

The benefit is that all your new cards cost one less mana. So you have the chance to play ahead of curve slightly. This can give you a tempo swing, but it’s really in the hands of the RNG gods!

Sjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

How to Play This DeckSjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck

This is the Sjow Miracle Rogue Hearthstone Deck he was playing on stream and it was working out very well for him. I know he’s a pro, but this is a solid deck and if you have all the cards you should have a positive win ratio.

Mulligan for cheap removal early on and use in combination with your hero power to remove your opponents minions. The whole point to the miracle Rogue deck is to get Gadgetzan Auctioneer down and start cycling through your deck.

You are looking to drop a big Edwin Vancleef and a minion with Cold Blood and Conceal them at the end of the turn. No many classes can deal with Concealed minions. You will have free reign to hit face a second time the next turn and usually finish the game.

Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood it also a combination that’s easy to set up when you’re cycling through your cards. Card draw is a powerful mechanic, and a win-condition on its own. Give the deck a go and see how you get on.

Sjow Tempo Warrior Hearthstone Deck

How to Play This DeckSjow Tempo Warrior Hearthstone Deck

When it comes to playing Warrior, SjoW is one of the best Pros at building decks and playing with this class. This is the Sjow Tempo Warrior Hearthstone Deck he has been using on stream this month and after playing a few games I can confirm it’s incredibly powerful.

My previous list wasn’t using an Arathi Weaponsmith but this can actually makes a big difference to the deck. It adds a little more tempo to the mid game. Tempo warrior usually has a turn or two in the mid game that are slow where you’re looking for card draw. The Arathi Weaponsmith gives you the ability to remove a minion and drop a 3/3 body while still drawing some cards if you have a Battle Rage set up.

Try and mulligan for that Fiery War Axe and curve out with minions. The late game is incredibly strong with Ragnaros the Firelord, and Varian Wrynn.

Yogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG

How to Play This DeckYogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG

This Yogg Saron Druid Deck 2016 OG is packed with spells and synergy to take you into the late game where you can drop Yogg-Saron and let his old god do what it does best – crazy RNG!

Yogg-Saron is only one of several win-conditions with this deck. You can also buff an army of tokens from your Violet Teacher with Power of the Wild. Or, use Malygos’ spell damage to OTK your opponent.

When you play Yogg-Saron you sign a pact with the devil. Sometimes it works spectacularly well, other times it backfires in the worst possible way.

Malygos Druid Deck 2016 OG

How to Play This DeckMalygos Druid Deck 2016 OG

Malygos decks are the ultimate in OTK burn. Malygos gives your spells +5 damage. So decks with Malygos are built around good card cycle, lots of burn spells, and minions to stall the game out a few extra turns.

This deck actually has 19 spells but it works perfectly. You have some extra card draw, and some possible synergy with Fandral Staghelm and Violet Teacher. There is also Yogg-Saon, Hope’s End for some late-game craziness after you have used a load of spells.

Ideally you want to play Malygos when you can play some damage spells directly after, such as innovate + Moonfire / Living Roots etc. There is a lot of hard removal in the current META so be aware of what your opponent is holding on to to remove a big minion.

Give this Malygos Druid Deck 2016 OG a try.