Thijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck

This is the Thijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck he was playingThijs High Legend Karazhan Dragon Priest Deck on stream today. Refreshing to see a Priest deck being played in the top 10 legend ranks, and with the addition of new cards like Book Wyrm and Netherspite Historian, I think Dragon Priest finally has all the tools to be a top-tier deck.

The main area this deck falls short in on direct damage. You can get your opponents painfully low on health and struggle to finish them without minions on board. Play for board control first, then removal second.

Book Wyrm is proving to be insane value. There are almost always targets with 3 or less attack to remove. There aren’t many spells for Dragonkin Sorcerer, I think I’ll swap that for something else.

Rank 1 Legend NA Midrange Shaman Season 30

Rank 1 Legend NA Midrange Shaman Season 30Here is another list that has been played to rank 1 legend. Have a play with this Rank 1 Legend NA Midrange Shaman Season 30 deck if you want to climb the ladder with a decent win ratio.

There have been a number of midrange Shaman ladder lists and they all perform really well. They are not the hardest decks to play either, so if you really can’t ladder up with this deck you need to go over the fundamentals and improve your understanding of the matchups.

Xixo Rank 1 Legend Discard Zoolock September Season 30

Xixo Rank 1 Legend Discard Zoolock September Season 30This season is still just a few days old and Xixo has done it again. First he hit rank one legend with his new aggro Shaman build, now he’a done it with a new Discardlock build.

This is the Xixo Rank 1 Legend Discard Zoolock September Season 30 list to the right. It’s a little different to some of the other high legend discardlock lists, which shows there is a lot of room for tech cards and changes.

Warlock is back in a big way in the Karazhan META. Zoolock had slipped down the ranks a little, but Discaardlock definitely feels even stronger with the extra card draw. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 Legend

Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 LegendIf you want a current midrange Shaman list this is the Loyan Karazhan Midrange Shaman Top 100 Legend list he’s using on ladder.

Loyan is well-known for his Shaman lists so you can’t go wrong net-decking off him. This is a pretty standard list. I’m glad he dropped the Flamejugglers, those guys always seem to go face for me. The inclusion of two Maelstrom Portal’s brings some of the new Karazhan flavor to the list and helps vs Zoolock which has always been one of the hardest matchups.

It’s a really strong list in the current META and I don’t see it changing for some time now that we know all the Karazhan cards.

Mulligan Guide for Midrange Shaman

Getting a fast start with Shaman is devastating for opponents. Mulligan hard for Argent Squires and Tunnel Troggs, leading into Flametongue Totem and Totem Golem on turn two. Keep a Maelstrom vs aggo, particularly Zoolock. Try and hold it until they use Forbidden Ritual if you can as it’s the perfect counter.

Karazhan Legend Face Hunter Deck

Karazhan Legend Face Hunter DeckAs I have said before, I’m a fan of Face Hunter decks as sometimes it’s fun to just ladder up quickly. I found a list that a player called Cursed recently took to high legend on the NA ladder, and this is the Karazhan Legend Face Hunter Deck to the right.

A lot of the old skool face hunter cards in the list, with the addition of the recently released Kindly Grandmother from the One Night in Karazhan adventure.

So if you wanna sling some Face Hunter and annoy your opponents, this is the current list to use.

Superjj Top 50 Legend Barnes Secret Hunter Deck

If you had any doubts about secret Hunter being a legit deck this should Superjj Top 50 Legend Barnes Secret Hunter Deckchange your mind. This is the Superjj Top 50 Legend Barnes Secret Hunter Deck. I watched him take this deck into the top 50 at legend and he was tearing up all classes.

The only minions you really don’t want from Barnes are Secretkeeper, Fiery Bat, and Houndmaster. So you can wait until you’ve played most of these, or roll your luck as there are 4 minions that aren’t too bad. It’s clever deck building because it puts the % chance of a good minion on your side.

There is a lot of decision making but it’s a strong deck in the current META and can take you to high legend for sure.

General Mulligan Strategy for Barnes Secret Hunter

Don’t hold on to any secret, you’ll jam your hand up. Mulligan for Secretkeeper, Fiery Bat, Kindly Grandmother, and King’s Elekk.

HotMEOWTH Rank 1 Legend Karazhan Aggro Shaman w Maelstrom Portal

HotMEOWTH Rank 1 Legend Karazhan Aggro Shaman w Maelstrom PortalThis is the HotMEOWTH Rank 1 Legend Karazhan Aggro Shaman w Maelstrom Portal you may have heard about. People were quick to write off Maelstrom Portal, especially as an aggro tool. But as is often the case, the card looks much different after being tested.

Aggro Shaman is one of the strongest decks on ladder, there is no doubt there. But it struggles vs other aggro decks that flood the board. The addition of Maelstrom Portal and Lighting Storm makes these matchups much more even.

I still like using 1 x Earth Shock as seen in Chakki’s Aggro Shaman deck at the NA Summer Prelims. Try that out instead of the portal if you’re meeting a lot of Druid on ladder and huge taunts.

General Aggro Shaman Mulligan Strategy

The dream start in most matchups is the double Tunnel Trogg, Lightning Bolt, followed by a Totem Golem. Look for these cards, and don’t be greedy with a Flamewreathed Faceless, especially if you’re not on the coin.

With so many one-drops it’s very likely you will pull them so don’t be afraid to hard mulligan.

NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck

NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter DeckNickChipper is regarded as one of the best Hunter players in Hearthstone. This is the NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck he was playing in season 29. The interesting thing here is that even with two wings of Karazhan open, and cards like Cloaked Huntress and Kindly Grandmother available, he isn’t using either.

This is just a solid Midrange Hunter build that’s incredibly strong. Curve out into Highmane and Call of the Wild and you know what the most likely outcome is going to be.

General Midrange Hunter Mulligan Strategy

With only two one-drops I like to mulligan hard for these, while keeping a two-drop if in hand. On the coin double two-drops is really strong vs most decks, and you can Houndmaster a Fiery Bat on a later turn.

It’s ok to keep Quick Shot vs Tempo Mage and Dragon Warrior to remove Mana Wyrms and Alexstraza Champions.

Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck

Kolento Legendary N'Zoth Control WarriorThis is the Kolento Legendary N’Zoth Control Warrior Deck he’s been playing on ladder at high-legend rank. The Standard Format Control Warrior is missing some of those really powerful cards like Sludge Belcher that are now in Wild Format. But this still a strong list in the current META, even if Control Warrior is a lot less popular than it used to be.

This list seems a lot stronger than the lists running one Brawl and Yogg as a late game finisher. There is a lot of aggro on ladder at the moment, so mulligan for lots of early removal and be prepared to Brawl on turn 5.

Once you enter mid to late game and you’re tanking up there aren’t many decks that can keep pace with Control Warrior.

Kolento Legendary Secret Hunter Deck

This is the Kolento Legendary Secret Hunter Deck he was playing on Kolento Legendary Secret Hunter Deckstream. It only uses 3 secrets to synergize with Cloaked Huntress. This helps the deck keep the strength of a midrange hunter deck and not rely on dropping loads of secrets.Too many secrets are very clunky in hand and can cause you to lock your hand.

Too many secrets are very clunky in hand and can cause you to lock your hand. I like this version of the secret hunter build as it allows for more plays. People are still working on the best build, the early decks like the one Tyler Secret Hunter Deck ran a lot of secrets and are really draw dependant.

Kolento was playing this deck at high legend so it’s proven to be effective in the current META. Hunter is due another upgrade when Kindly Grandmother is released, so expect to see a lot of hunters on ladder. It might be smart to start teching against them. 🙂