Lost Secrets of Un’Goro: New Hearthstone Expansion 2017

Some news has leaked today that the next Hearthstone expansion due for release within the next couple of months may be called: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro.

This is exciting for a few reasons. Everyone loves a bit of a spoiler, and the potential for a Dinosaur themed release is pretty cool.

The leak came from an artist – Lani Minella. She does voice snippets for Hearthstone cards and has listed some of the new cards and the expansion name on her resume.

Her complete resume is here, and the snippet showing the new card and expansion information is;

Lani Minella Lost Secrets of Un'Goro Cards

It will be a while before we know more no doubt. But theory crafting can start, and with Dinosaurs as a theme it opens up some interesting possibilities with Beasts in particular.

New Lost Secrets of Un’Goro Cards

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