Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16

Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16Mech Mage is strong in Wild Format, this Kolento Mech Wild Format Deck Nov 16 he was playing on stream is slightly different to my Mech Mage list but is just a strong.

If you don’t have Archmage Antonidas this is the list for you. It’s important not to be too aggressive when playing mech mage. The minions have higher health than attack, so it’s more of a control list where favorable trades.

Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16

Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16I always climb the Wild ladder and test some things out over there. This Wild Format Mech Mage Deck Nov 16 list is working really well for me.

Secret Paladin is always thought of as top-tier in Wild but there are a lot of decks countering it tight now. Eater of Secrets is a common tech choice and Secret Paladin is countered by Hunter and Priest pretty hard.

Give this Mech Mage deck a try if you’re in Wild!

Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck

Best Tempo Mage Wild DeckThis is the Best Tempo Mage Wild Deck to climb the Wild ladder. I enjoy playing wild as you get to use all the cards from all the sets. It’s more frustrating at times, but it’s also more fun in my opinion.

This deck includes Dr. Boom of course, along with Unstable Portal’s and Piloted Shredders and all those other high-value powerful cards.

This deck is more than capable of taking you to legend. I’ve played it while already being ranked in the Legend ranks and had a positive win ratio.