Kolento Secret Hunter W Medivh Post Call of the Wild Nerf Deck

kolento secret hunter w medivh post call of the wild nerf deckWondering how strong Hunter is after the Call of the Wild Nerf? Check out this Kolento Secret Hunter W Medivh Post Call of the Wild Nerf Deck. Not only is he still using Call of the Wild, Kolento has added Medivh, the Guardian to make use of that 9 mana spell.

This list has all the Secret Hunter mechanics which is a strong deck in the current META. The mid to late game is really strong with Call of the Wild, Medivh, the Guardian, and of course Savannah Highmanes.

It’s a fun deck to climb with and in the October Season 31 it’s one of the strongest decks, give it a go and see how you get on.

Medivh the Guardian Secret Hunter Deck

Medivh the Guardian Secret Hunter DeckLooking for a Hunter deck that’s strong in the current META, utilizes some of the new cards from One Night in Karazhan, has the Secret Hunter mechanic, AND uses Medivh, the Guardian for some crazy fun? Check this Medivh the Guardian Secret Hunter Deck List, it’s all of that and more.

I’m wrecking people with this list, I’m getting some crazy minions like Grom and Tirion by playing Call of the Wild while Atiesh is equipped.

8 mana is the sweet spot for some of the best minions in the game so the synergy with Call of the Wild is insane, especially as you’re getting your three animal companions that will probably end the game anyway.