ShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck

This is the ShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck list that he’s been playingShtanUdachi Midrange Shaman Deck at high legend on ladder. An interesting choice is the double Master of Evolution and Double Mana Tide Totem. Greedy on card draw which you can pull off in the midrange lists, and the Master of Evolutions are
awesome swing cards if you upgrade a damaged minion and RNG brings you something really good.

It’s a list worth trying if you’re looking for something a little different. Shaman is one of the strongest classes in the Old Gods META so you can’t go far wrong, and it’s not hard to play. Have fun!

Chinese Tempo Rogue Deck

This Chinese Tempo Rogue Deck appeared on ladder this Chinese Tempo Rogue Deckmonth and has picked up in popularity. If you’ve played against a Rogue deck with Silithid Swarmer and Argent Commander, likelihood is you’ve come across this deck.

It’s a decent Rogue deck. I Played it a fair bit but had average results. I think it’s more effective on the Asia server and whatever the META is over there right now. But it’s a cheap deck to make so if you want to play some Rogue and don’t have the Miracle Deck cards, or just want to play a different variation. Give it a go.