Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter List

This is a recent Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter List. Having seen this Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter Listdeck list be taken to top 10 legend on the EU server you know it’s a strong deck. Hunter has found its place in the current META by being aggressive early on and stacking up the damage. While having some of the strongest late cards in the game. Call of the Wild is insanely powerful, and Highmane is probably the strongest 6 drop in the game.

Mid Range Hunter Deck Fast Legend May Season

How to Play This DeckMid range hunter deck fast legend may season

Mid range hunter has always been a solid deck since the beginning of Hearthstone. This mid range hunter deck fast legend May season deck is very powerful. It’s gone through some up’s and down’s however and after the recent Whispers of the Old Gods release Rexxar went into hiding for a while.

It didn’t take too long to find a few build that fit in with the META really well, and this deck is very strong right now. You can curve out with Firey Bat, into King’s Elekk for card draw, or Huge Toad. Animal Companion and Carrion Grub are very strong 3 drops that synergize with Houndmaster.

Call of the Wild is an insanely powerful card. You get all three Animal Companions at once. Giving you a 5/2 Huffer to charge with, and a 4/4 taunt, and the 2/4 Leeok. Now, that is what you call value. All for 8 mana, and all dropped from one card. So lasting to turn 8 with a neutral or beneficial board then dropping this gives you an incredibly likely chance of winning.

It’s a weapon heavy META so the inclusion of Harrison Jones as a tech choice is a smart decision.

Synergies to Look For

Beast + Houndmaster. The 2/2 + taunt is very good value.

Stampeding Kodo – Destroying a minion with 2 or less health can swing a game.

Beast + Kill Command – 5 attack instead of 3 is often worth waiting for.