Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16

Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16This is theĀ Thijs Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Oct 16 he was using to climb the ladder.

Even though Call of the Wild took a small hit from the nerf hammer recently, Hunter is more popular than ever and a legit strong deck. The secret synergy with Cloaked Huntress is pretty insane really, I’ve been playing this deck and dropping 2-3 secrets on curve for 0 mana and winning games.

Barnes is a great choice in this deck too. There are so many minions with deathrattles or passive effects that you almost always roll something useful. And, if you roll a 1/1 Ragnaros or Savannah Highmane your chance of winning doubles on the spot. šŸ™‚

Fr0zen Midrange Hunter Deck Season 30 Sept

fr0zen midrange hunter deck season 30 septHunter is finding a place in the current META as a strong tier-2 deck, and capable of hanging with the tier-1 decks when drawing well.

This is theĀ Fr0zen Midrange Hunter Deck Season 30 Sept he was playing on stream. Fr0zen is one of my favorite streamers, he doesn’t have a huge following but is winning a lot of tournaments and finishing high on ladder so I think that’s going to change.

He always makes a few tweaks over the common lists and strengthnsĀ up the deck for the META. This list has 2 Argent Horseriders to add a little extra speed, making it favourable in the mirror match against the slower midrange lists.

Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Midrange Hunter Deck

Anyone following the Hearthstone tournament scene will know that
Fr0zen PAX One Nation of Gamers Midrange Hunter DeckFr0zen
won the PAX West tournament held on the 2-3 September, 2016.

This tourney was a pretty big deal and most of the best Hearthstone Pro’s were there. So, to win it was pretty damn awesome, and I thought I’d look at the decks he used.

He turned up with 5 of the strongest META decks, and although sometimes tournament decks are sometimes teched to deal with certain classes, his decks are pretty standard strong ladder decks. He used:

Malygos Druid

Dragon Warrior

Aggro Shaman

Miracle Rogue

Midrange Hunter

Midrange Hunter is an easy to play deck with a lot of favorable matchups, I always take Hunter to tournaments because the burn damage and SMOrc’ing potential isĀ going to steal wins against slower decks.

Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck

Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter DeckThe Secret Hunter decks continue to be refined by streamers and pro players. This is theĀ Thijs Cloaked Huntress Secret Hunter Deck he was playing on ladder and having some decent success with.

Secret Hunter decks are fun, playing a load of secrets for 0 mana and seeing your opponent trying to play around when they think they are is fun. This was just before the release of Cat Trick, so expect to see lists with this new card in coming soon.

Mulligan Guide for Secret Hunter Decks

As tempting as it is, never keep secrets or the Cloaked Huntress in your opening hand. Curve out as strong as possible with Fiery Bat, Secret Keeper, Kindly Grandmother, and wait for Cloaked Huntress and the secrets to be drawn.

NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck

NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter DeckNickChipper is regarded as one of the best Hunter players in Hearthstone. This is theĀ NickChipper Legendary Midrange Hunter Deck he was playing in season 29. The interesting thing here is that even with two wings of Karazhan open, and cards like Cloaked Huntress and Kindly Grandmother available, he isn’t using either.

This is just a solid Midrange Hunter build that’s incredibly strong. Curve out into Highmane and Call of the Wild and you know what the most likely outcome is going to be.

General Midrange Hunter Mulligan Strategy

With only two one-drops I like to mulligan hard for these, while keeping a two-drop if in hand. On the coin double two-drops is really strong vs most decks, and you can Houndmaster a Fiery Bat on a later turn.

It’s ok to keep Quick Shot vs Tempo Mage and Dragon Warrior to remove Mana Wyrms and Alexstraza Champions.

Trump Karazhan Midrange Hunter Deck w Cloaked Huntress

Trump Karazhan Midrange Hunter Deck w Cloaked HuntressThis is theĀ Trump Karazhan Midrange Hunter Deck w Cloaked Huntress for all you Trump fans out there. It’s a more refined version than some of the early versions of the deck that were made within minutes of the card being released.

This deck list has 5 secrets, and only one of each to avoid that clunky hand when you have duplicates you can’t drop. It has all the other strong midrange Hunter cards, and curves out nicely into that Call of the Wild for the win.

The best list for Cloaked Huntress is still to be finalized in my opinion. I think the deck will go similar to the Secret Paladin decks of old, extremely powerful at first when it’s new and confusing for opponents. Then slowly dropping in effectiveness over time as people figure out what to expect, and tech against it if it’s super popular.

Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29

Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29This is the Best Hunter Deck August 16 Season 29. I ended with high legend with this deck list and it will work in the early season amongst all the aggro too.

The Dreadscale will take your opponents by surprise and it’s easy to get value from this card clearing up those small minions. You will come across a lot of Zoolock early in the season and this card destroys Zoo.

I don’t need to tell you how powerful Call of the Wild is, this card is bonkers. There isn’t a stronger card to drop on turn 8 and if you’ve just played a Highmane it’s GG.