Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck

Trump Moroes Secret Paladin DeckThis is the Trump Moroes Secret Paladin Deck he was playing on stream. Brings back some memories of the old Secret Paladin decks, which you can still find in Wild if you miss them.

The deck uses 2 x Noble Sacrifice, 1 x Redemption, and 1 x Repentance. Winning depends a lot on the interactions of these secrets, here are some things to consider.

Noble Sacrifice – The 2/1 minion gets a divine shield buff if a Steward of Darkshire is on board.

Redemption – Pick your timing carefully for this. You don’t want to redemp a noble sacrifice.

Repentance – Don’t play this too early to try and gain some tempo or if you don’t have another play. Landing this on a huge late game minion is much more impactful.

Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes

Aggro Paladin is very much alive, and this Savjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin wSavjz Karazhan Aggro Paladin w Moroes Moroes is a really fun and strong deck. It brings back the classic duo of Eydis Darkbane and Fjola Lightbane.

Aggro decks with loads of buffs and trading are always fun. This deck plays out a lot like a zoo deck, but instead of keeping the minions flowing you’re looking to keep the shield buffs flowing to keep your minions alive longer.


Thijs Moroes Aggro Divine Shield Paladin Deck

This is a really fun and decent deck. It’s the Thijs Moroes Aggro Divine Thijs Moroes Aggro Divine Shield Paladin DeckShield Paladin Deck he was playing on stream. I didn’t see his final win ratio but when I was watching it was around 75%.

The value you get from all the divine shield is incredible. The best part is that this is an aggro deck that’s good vs Warrior, especially all the Dragon Warriors on ladder right now.

Moroes is one of the cards from the first wing of One Night in Karazhan. If you can get this card to stick on the board with a Steward of Darkshire you will just pump out 1/1’s with divine shields, nice.


Moroes Hearthstone Card One Night in KarazhanDecent card in Zoolock and Divine Shield Paladin decks, wonder where else it will pop up!

Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deck

With the first few cards being released just hours ago in the new adventure One Night in Karazhan it’s fun seeing all Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deckthe pros on Twitch testing the new cards. This is the Hotform Firelands Portal Moroes Tempo Mage Deck he’s been playing.

It will give you a good starting point to help build a deck of your own with the new Firelands Portal card. Looks like Hotform cut the Acolytes of Pain from his usual build to fit the new card in.

There is also a Moroes in the deck. Not sure how well this card synergizes with tempo mage….